Path of Exile's next expansion will expire in September and ad

  • Following the vast 3.7.0 or Legion update of Path of Exile, it seems that the developer Grinding Gear Games has turned its attention to the next expansion of the free RPG. In the update of the game site, the studio posted news about what it is working on - and the upcoming 3.8.0 update.

    In this post, the studio said it plans to announce a new Path of Exile extension around August 20. It suggests that the broad scope of this release is a new challenge alliance plus various improvements to the old master's content, such as sharing Sulphite and betrayal status among all characters in the league.

    This update will also add "some system changes that we have not yet prepared to imply and all current new projects, POE Currency, Prototype, POE Orbs, etc. You expect to expand from Path of Exile."

    While more details should appear when the studio officially announces the August expansion, it seems that players can expect a right balance between adjustments, improvements, and exciting new content in the game. Judging from this short breakdown, it doesn't look like 3.8.0 will be as massive as the Legion, it introduces new challenge alliances, melee combat overhauls and more.

    However, it should add some smart things to enter before the expected 4.0-megabyte expansion arrives - Chris Wilson, director of the grinding gear company's studio, said: "for us, it will use Diablo 4." We should talk more about this at ExileCon in November.

    The 3.8.0 update tentative release date is September 6, but the studio says: "Remember, all of these dates may change as we get closer to release, but the situation looks good so far." It makes sense because Wilson has said before that he wouldn't run his studio in a tight situation, which means "some game improvements take a while to complete." In short, there will be more and more updates as soon as they arrive. Players Buy POE Currency or POE Trade, so come and buy MMOAH now!