Final Fantasy XIV agrees with the iconic call to Final Fantas

  • Final Fantasy XIV is experiencing one of the best moments since its launch of the previous generation of video game consoles. Even though they have seen graphic improvements in their popular online games from Square Enix, there is no doubt that their latest update means injecting new content for all loyal users. This newest content pack introduces a new Raid that is known to all frequent customers of the Square Enix franchise. Moreover, in addition to being the name of the last event of FFXIV, Eden is one of the most symbolic calls for another franchise, especially Final Fantasy VIII. This cunning combination is not a simple name reference, but users of online multiplayer games have been able to verify these days and have purchased FFXIV Gil. In Final Fantasy XIV, there is a tribute to the call for the eighth episode of franchising.

    By posting a video on the GoldenTot YouTube channel, we can participate in a real-time comparison of the animations that occur during the call to Eden in Final Fantasy VIII and the animations that occur during the final Fantasy new raid. In the video shared by several users of the Square Enix title, you can see how each plane of the famous video sequence tracked, resulting in the curiosity and emotion that Square Enix wants to provide for one of its most successful deliveries. A tribute, perhaps also taking advantage of the fact that they recently announced the re-production of FF VIII.

    Final Fantasy XIV is obtainable for Playstation 4 and PC, and now we recently found that its incredible success has brought it to more than 14 million players. This number signifies that this partner enjoys an excellent reputation around the Square Enix franchise line, looked after means More and more players would buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil. According to statistics, the sales of MMOAH's Final Fantasy XIV Gil are receiving higher greater.