Path of Exile hacks and slashes its strategy to PS4

  • Path of Exile is a role-playing action game that first landed on PC in 2013. Free games for Xbox One were released on August 2017. The Path of Exile has attracted a lot more than 20 million players worldwide. Even if it often costs money to obtain POE Currency, many players will still be very willing.

    The game's appearance and drama are much like Blizzard's Diablo series. When Diablo III was disappointed with some of the fans in its series, the Path of Exile (more similar to Diablo II) became a popular choice when it was launched. Now, Diablo IV is beyond the imagination of people, and the Path of Exile can continue to be the home of those who want to get a updated continuously, Diablo-like experience. The PS4 extension will open the game for more players.

    Path of Exile is free, but it avoids the paid winning system. You can pay for POE Chaos Orb or POE Trade Currency, such as additional character slots.

    Diablo III can also be used on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as on the Switch. The Path of Exile has not yet arrived.