The current competition season for Rocket League will end in Au

  • Before the current competition season for the Rocket League ends on August 27, you have had more than a month to win those Grand Champ rewards or dream of doing so. On that day, we will get an update and the 12th season will begin.

    Besides, the time interval between Rocket Pass 2 and Rocket Pass 3 is too long, Psyonix wrote in his new roadmap, so Rocket Pass 3 is continuing until the end of the season. There won't be any new challenges, but you can always unlock these question marks before the Rocket Pass 4 starts, which will coincide with the beginning of the new season on August 27.

    There is no other major news in today's update, only a few comments, and updates. High dynamic range audio is coming soon, and the end of the year should complete the promised improved Rocket League Items inventory management tool. The "Automation, Scheduled Tournament" will be introduced as part of the upgrade of the tournament system and hauntedness and will return to this fall.

    A cute update is that two statistics are added to all game modes: High Five and Low Five. You will collide with your teammates in midair after scoring and record a low five when doing the same shot on the ground. For a goal that doesn't touch the rim, basketball will get a buzz. It is speculated that an update of the 12th season will accompany these, but no timetable is given.

    Psyonix also hinted that we could sneak a look at the Rocket Pass 4's featured car by searching the Radical Summer trailer above. Thanks to some YouTube reviewers, 21 seconds after the video is played, you can see the car's butt and Rocket League Crates. It is not teasing, but if you want to take a look, it is there.

    The original Rocket League roadmap post and the original version of this article indicate that season 12 will begin on August 28, but it will start on August 27.

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