Final Fantasy XIV: The Assault Series ", The Awakening of the G

  • Two weeks after the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers, Square Enix is ​​deploying the first series of raids on the third expansion, the "Awakening of the Garden of Eden."

    Once the maintenance completed for approximately 12 hours, MMO players will be able to discover the new features in Patch 5.01. The four examples of waking up the Garden of Eden are part of the plan. To access it through the Tasks tool, complete a series of short tasks, and display an average object-level higher than 425. Usually, you can get an object that can be exchanged for coins, or you can exchange coins for FFXIV Gil. Conventionally, items that can replace with equipment obtained from NPC Ghul Gul (26.6, 16.4) from Amh Araeng and Yal Yal, Elmore (10.0, 11.5). Please note that each character can only receive one bonus per week, regardless of whether they choose "need" or "greedy."

    At first, the Aden's awakening could use on ordinary difficulty. The version "Sadique" plus the new memo "Phantasmagoria" was planned to get held on July 30th. On the horizon, take into account that under the theme of NieR Automata, Patch 5.1 will first hit 24 players YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse in some months. If you want to buy Final Fantasy 14 Gil before an Eden wakes up, I think you can purchase it at MMOAH.

    Final Fantasy XIV can acquire on PC and PS4.