Path of Exile cancels controversial nested micro reaction exerc

  • Almost everyone likes Path of Exile, but if someone might have reason to complain, it is the game's booty box. Of course, they are entirely cosmetic - in the game you care more about the data of your equipment than the appearance of it, which is not so bad, but gamers can only take so much before opening the rebellion.

    That's what happened when the new Salvage Box was released yesterday, just a few days after the Blight expansion. Because there is no duplicate guarantee in the PoE trophy box, players can carry more than they don't need. The salvage box costs 30 POE Currency Buy ($3) and "allows you to destroy your repetitive micro-transactions to increase the chances of receiving rare micro-transactions" from the rescue box, which can contain POE Items in previously expired plates. In other words, you can consume your bad drops to get a better reduction, which may not be better; it could be another repetition.

    Therefore, players such as solar panels on Wraeclast think this idea is not surprising. Thus, an article this morning reported that Grinding Gear Games canceled the plan for the rescue box. Player feedback is "very negative," and the box has been removed from the sale, even though the table that has purchased is still functioning.

    That said, repeated microtransactions are a thing of Path of Exile, and many players may wish to find common and uncommon garbage for all of them. Therefore, I expect that in the future, we will try to deal with the inventory situation again, and maybe, depending on how various regulators decide things, altogether cancel the booty box. It may be that at that time, players can only buy POE Currency at the store, but I think it is more convenient.