Path of Exile: September scorpion hunting recovery and witherin

  • Grinding Gear Games will write the next page of Path of Exile's long history in September, deploying Blight, a new tower defense extension designed to counteract fungal infestation by summoning flames, ice, and earth spells. Or lightning.

    Specifically, the player must repel the enemy's waves to prevent the machine from absorbing the chrome of these new and evil bulbs, and we will have to find the source. To this end, it is necessary to rely on the support of the defensive turrets of Sister Cassie and intelligently distribute them to a more crowded battlefield than ever before. The tower can spit out eight magic spells and must choose according to the enemy's weaknesses. Players will receive regular rewards through the POE Currency Buy prize box, sometimes including Cassia sisters who can mix oil to enchant certain items.

    The Blight extension also accompanied by some changes in the way the second-level content handled (Master's tasks can now reserve for later use), significant changes to the Necromancer, Assassin and Destroyer prototypes, and the addition of new shortcut bars for capabilities. Path of Exile: Blight, whose official website will provide you with all the details, will be released on the PC on September 6th in France and on September 9th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you still need POE Items or want to make POE Exalted Orb, you can choose to know at MMOAH.