Sponsorship: The road to the exile of the exile army

  • Remote or melee? This is the most important issue that developers need to think about when creating new roles in MMO games. After all, a person-oriented character has a completely different style in another character. Players need to choose the most satisfying way to start the most enjoyable journey.

    Although the class of "The Road to Exile" has the flexibility to Path of Exile Currency focus on either, there are still options. The construction ultimately requires a PoE currency, the amount depends on the type of it. If you end up wasting it, it's hard, so you should consider this choice carefully.

    However, with the expansion of the Legion, the melee battle has been improved and greatly improved. Please continue reading to get a close look at the melee overhaul.

    Hit multiple enemies
    Given that attacks physically pass through them, each melee attack hits multiple targets within its range. Although it is very similar to an effective attack area, it is not treated in combination. Nor is it “regional damage” or “messy splash”. Any improvement to POE Trade the foreground 3 will not affect the damage caused by the attack.

    After this change, too many attacks have more visual impact. Feedback can also be greatly improved to increase the signal that the enemy is hit. Most importantly, the attacks are also more reliable - which means they will stay on target.

    The animation will also be updated to make it more fluid. You can now change the target while attacking, and the move won't look a bit clumsy and will become more flexible. The dual-handed will simultaneously alternately attack more naturally, emphasizing the choice of off-hand weapons. The path (how the game interprets the command "go here") can be upgraded to make the action smooth like butter.