Now, for "Online Elder Scrolls", cross-game support is not a "r

  • Elder Scrolls Online is currently the most important and successful MMO game in the world. With 13.5 million players, this is a thriving, active community filled with helpful and dedicated players. But despite this, the city is still greatly influenced by the design.

    You see, although game companies are moving toward a more open multiplayer gaming infrastructure through cross-games and cross-platform collaboration, Elder Scrolls Online doesn't. At the E3 2019 meeting in Los Angeles, California a week ago, the creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online at Zenimax Online Studio explained that the company's position does not seem to Buy ESO Gold change soon.

    "We don't have those travel maps today," Lambert said. "But we all know that players want this feature to be designed, even at E3. We know this, but it's not updated now."

    Since Elder Scrolls Online is on PC / Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, it effectively brings together three completely independent communities. After the One Tamriel update, Zenimax merged any servers for each platform but separated them. Combining the players is their next goal.

    After that topic, the conversation turned to ESO Gold For Sale other platforms, especially Google's upcoming Stadia streaming service, in which Elder Scrolls Online was confirmed as the launch title. Specifically, I want to know if the Stadia version is technically present on the same PC/Mac server, and players are curious to know if it will build a fourth work platform.