What is the random dungeon of Albion Online?

  • This dungeon style is a diverse experience for players. Its entrance may appear randomly in various parts of the world and will not be displayed on the map.

    If you enter the dungeon, they will mix randomly. The strength of the opponent depends on the opponent's area. In a safe area, the dungeon also needs to work in groups. However, within the external domain, only larger content exists.

    The reward depends on the difficulty of the dungeon. According to the developer, it seems wise for the player to penetrate the dungeon at any time. It takes 15 to 40 minutes to try to do the dungeon.

    What did the patch bring? The Oberon update contains revisions to Albion Online Silver For Sale the tutorial and the quality of the game:
    A brand new tutorial, starting with a free player
    Time to improve processes and transformation
    New settings in graphics options
    Customer performance improvement
    Prevent spam in the chat
    Some balance changes
    The trailer will be released

    How about Albion recently?
    On November 21, 2018, Nimue's update was well received by the players. Changes in GVG and other changes have driven an increase in the number of players.

    In the Steam chart, it added November's and February's gains in November. At the peak, about 560 players played Albion Online on Steam at the same time.

    Sandbox Interactive released its number of players in the latest FAQ. There are 9,500 to 11,500 players joining every day.

    Currently, 35 people are working to strengthen Albion. However, if the game provides this feature, we would like to expand the group. Originally worked in Buy Albion Online Silver the game for more than 50 people. However, in early 2018, many people were fired.

    This guide gives players hope:
    The forum also released the overall roadmap for the game. The purpose of the upcoming update is to use an external domain card for revision and aggregation with the target on the PvP player.
    Besides, it is intended to further customize the factional wars and guild wars.