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  • While most adventurers try to achieve a better life by helping those in need and killing dangerous beasts. But there is a secret place in Tamriel, full of sneaky, sinister individuals. Of course, I want to talk about the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood in the Elder Scrolls. This is the most representative and popular of all the ancient scrolls.

    Earlier this week, Zenimax announced that the celebration of the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood will return to the Elder Scrolls at 10 am Eastern Time on Elder Scrolls Online Gold Monday, and will continue until 10 am Eastern Time on July 15. 00. During the event, you can get:

    Defeat the world boss to get double rewards,
    Double awards from Gold Coast Delve and World Boss Daily,
    Increase the reward for completing the robbery,
    The reward for completing the sacrament has increased.
    Collect resources from regular production nodes (not nodes in Survey Reports).

    Repetitive tasks for Tip Board or Marked for Death ledgers are not included during the event. During the event, the discount for these two DLC packages is only 800 k, and the discount for each ESO Plus member's collection is only 1,600 k.

    During this celebration, you will also receive event tickets that can be redeemed as part of a complex process to get an exclusive Indrik mount. During this event, you can get event tickets in ESO Gold two different ways, up to two tickets per day per account:

    Complete the tickets for the first sacramental event every day, unlock by reaching the Dark Brotherhood Level 2 and completing the mission "silent lessons"
    Complete the ticket for the first robbery event every day, and unlock it by reaching Level 3 of the Thieves Guild and completing the “long-term game” mission.