MapleStory 2 activates Skybound to promote the New Year

  • Los Angeles - The new MMORPG MapleStory 2 launched on Nexon Launcher and Steam will begin its second phase on January 10th from the Skybound extension. This deployment has a new chapter, the epic mission of Sky Fortress.

    With the update, Fortress Rumble Dungeon was introduced. Players who gain a "trustworthy" reputation can enter 5 single dungeons. New dungeon rewards include legendary weapons and armor, which can be Buy MS M Mesos earned through level rewards.

    This update also brings the most interesting Inferno mess to date. Once you get the "Alliance Soldier" trophy, players can enter and hope to reach at least 50 and get 9,000 tools. Players who complete this dungeon can use Pluto's accessories: the original legendary accessory in the player, this accessory is very precious.

    Other updates include home graphic user interface adjustments and a variety of fun seasonal events starting with the New Year.

    From January 10th to January 31st, players can participate in Buy Maplestory M Mesos new events, including:

    Hell Adventure Support - Level 10 and above players can earn expedition commemorative coins based on cumulative login time
    2019 Lucky Bag - Players of level 10 and above can complete a variety of missions to get lucky bags, or you can get rewards by opening a specific number of lucky bags.
    Hiding and finding Hijinks - Players of level 10 and above must complete 16 different missions determined by the corresponding NPC. Players who complete the mission receive a reward. Players who become "friends of the day" and trigger a mission status check will receive a buff.