FIFA 20 Career Mode: When Gamescom reveals a loom, EA will “lis

  • As most fans continue to increase, manufacturers have confirmed that they have discussed their best features.
    The career model may be the most popular model for FIFA - speculating that EA has concentrated almost all of its time on the final team and it has been eliminated.

    After FIFA 18's shocking interactive transfer negotiations, many fans were almost all replicas of FIFA 19 professional models - regardless of the integration with the UEFA Champions League - were very disappointed.

    So, will the FIFA 20 career model suffer the same fate? It doesn't seem to mmoah be like this. In a recent speech at Gamespot, FIFA's main game producer, Sam Rivera, said developers are listening to suggestions from players in the community. Not only that, but there is also a lot of internal discussions to determine what can be included.

    “So far, because professional models are worried, we have chosen to ensure that the experience of the Champions League is 100% true,” Rivera told Gamecom's GameSpot in 2018. "When it was the Champions League, it was completely changing. This is our top priority.

    "But we heard our fans. As far as professional clubs are concerned, in terms of professional mode, more things may be required, bigger things. Now we are discussing the path we can join."

    He added: "We know this may be FIFA 20 Coins a very enthusiastic community. We are currently announcing this because of these models. We are actively adopting the ideas put forward by the community to better improve our game model and give players Bring a better experience."

    EA a few weeks ago they were considering community feedback to take action.

    Earlier this month, EA said they brought the FIFA-Street heuristic model to FIFA 20, called Volta Football. This is the growing pressure on the community to get a much-loved "street" series.