Path of Exile, PlayStation 4 Comments

  • The continent where the Path of Exile appears is Wraeclast, a nice place. The basic legend may be a continuation of the events that took place 300 years after the establishment of the first imperial continent.

    As a tourist destination for robbers and thieves, it used to be a wasteful health center for all societies, and they need to survive in this land through their efforts. At the beginning of the game, we will first select one of the six categories (the seventh may be POE Currency unlocked by the task). We can define three categories as "pure", focusing on a single skill, and three other categories, called "hybrid," which combines basic and auxiliary skills. The main features are:
    Strength, wisdom, and agility.

    Let's analyze these classes:
    Pure course
    Marauder: Warrior, focus on strength (he will use red skills)
    Ranger: Focus on dexterity (using green skills)
    Witch: Witch, the magician in the game, engaged in intellectual work (she uses blue skills)

    Mixed course
    Duelist: Focus on strength and dexterity
    Templar: In this case, a fantastic "shovel" centered on strength and wisdom
    Shadow: Unlike other action RPGs, thieves are unique in these times because they are based on two skills, dexterity and intelligence.

    Pause for example minutes
    Once in the village, we will get new equipment, accept some tasks, and place some precious artifacts in our suitcases.

    Let's discuss inventory and equipment management.
    Our inventory provides a typical Diablo 2 plus the first sacred lineage because each object occupies a certain number of slots, and the bags you can use are infinite.

    Looking for a journey in the Path of Exile
    A special aspect of the exile approach is the profound system of character growth.

    The New Zealand team used the Final Fantasy X spherical map and extended it to a huge level. The skills we can pursue in the development of characters are countless. There are over POE Trade Currency 100 skills that may allow you to create almost unlimited builds, and it's hard to have more similar builds when you don't follow some specialized guidance.