The great success of Maplestory M is only part of Nexon's recor

  • Due to the success of MapleStory, Korean and Japanese publisher Nexon broke the record for this year.

    In its 2018 fiscal year, Nexon reported revenue, operating income and net income growth compared to previous years. Revenue increased by 8% year-on-year to US$2.29 billion (253.7 billion yen).

    Operating income increased by 9% to 887.80 million US dollars (98.4 billion yen), and net income reached 90%, reaching 97.425 million US dollars (107.7 billion yen).

    “With our success in Cheap Maplestory M Mesos China and Korea, Nexon's global PC and mobile business is growing year by year in 2018,” said CEO and President Owen Mahoney.

    “We also saw her giving a very famous Pixelberry Studios choice: When you play our games, and the world of MapleStory M and the new action RPG, Darkness Rises is growing strongly in the Western mobile space.”

    These results are attributed to Nexon's highest performance on PC and mobile versions throughout the year.

    MapleStory improved its performance, with South Korea alone, its first mobile version of MapleStory M grew 81% year-on-year.

    Mahoney continues: "We have been showing our flagship collections, including MapleStory and Dungeon & Fighter, which have achieved double-digit growth in the 10th year of operation in China."

    “Looking ahead, Nexon will continue to Buy MS M Mesos leverage our strong franchise annuity returns to advance new content, further focus on our wholly-owned intellectual property, and benefit from significant technological advances that fundamentally change the way games are designed and operated.”

    Nexon was acquired by rival Kakao with potential importance of $8.9 billion.

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