The new character Paladin finally joined MapleStory M.

  • MapleStory M has acquired a new Paladin character.
    The same concept Because of the PC version, the Nexon franchise has successfully penetrated the online PC gaming world and considered its iOS and Android mobile versions, while MapleStory M finally got the latest Paladin-level new content. Players can now experience the game on a variety of platforms.

    Nexon explained that Paladin can be a character with Maplestory Mobile Mesos a one-handed sword and a mace. These two are his main weapons. Unlike the previous character design, male players usually prefer this character. Besides, he can destroy enemy elements in the game.
    Besides, reading Winry, Deshua, and Krypton has become the different equipment of LYN: The Lightbringer

    Besides, in addition to the update, they added the Dark Star Force Field as a later version of the usual Star Force Field. Players can defeat the dark monsters scattered among gamers to Buy Maplestory M Mesos win the hunting prize. Bringing players different from the previous game experience, more interesting and more worthwhile to take risks.

    There may be some changes, such as the role promotion rewards you should damage your skin layer custom slot extension ticket, Fairy Star will start on June 20th (June 21 Asian time, red), using Lucky Box and Fairy Coin prizes will not start until Red Meso Shower on July 4th, and will definitely challenge someone to beat Meso Hot Air Balloon Monster in 70 seconds to get a lot of Meso.

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