Path of Exile: The goal of the Legion is "intimate, repeatable

  • For those unfamiliar with the game, "Path of Exile" is a free-action role-playing game with a wide range of character customization features in the narrative structure of 10 characters and other ending game mechanics. Every few months, Grinding Gear Games will launch a different alliance, introducing new mechanisms to enhance gameplay and add new characters in different worlds.

    Every player is excited and looking forward to the upcoming Path of Exile. The Legion may then pay special attention to improving melee skills and may attempt to Buy POE Currency introduce mechanisms to enhance player agents.

    Here are OnlySP ask Wilson some questions:
    OnlySP: It has been a long time to rebalance melee skills. How do you design a legion to prepare for a melee overhaul?
    Wilson: Everything we can change has improved from changing the animation system to changing the way the digital warfare Nintendo ds works.
    We also designed the Legion Alliance to strengthen the melee. This kind of mechanism, you have to deal with a lot of monsters in a very short time, sometimes melee players participate in it, the process will be very complicated (only because of the lack of tools to compete with remote characters). With these improvements, players can participate in the league, whether it's playing melee or remote characters.

    OnlySP: Received negative comments from many players in the comprehensive league. Do you feel that there is more pressure in the development of the Legion to Path of Exile Currency produce something bigger? What changes have you seen in the final version?
    Wilson: Some pressures may turn into our motivation, which will make us successful. The problem with Synthesis is that it is too broad and too complex. For the Legion, we reduced it to the core fun of a compact, repeatable and rewarding game loop. We will not change the Legion's plan for the development process, because many of us hope to continue the next step.

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