A new army with Path of Exile has arrived.

  • A new exile alliance was launched last Friday. We often discuss it, but its purpose has always been to fight back for a simpler alliance when many people found some problems with the new version.

    This version brings some errors
    Many things have changed. The difficulty of leveling is greatly increased, and many players need to POE Chaos Orb spend more time on it.
    At the beginning of the game, there are all kinds of boulders gathering together, and the boulder will hit some people, and the player will crash every time they are hit. I am playing Cyclone, and whenever I play with my friends, the chance of a big monster attack that can make me crash is 50/50.

    Need a smaller balance
    So far, the Legion mechanics are very happy, like a mob who must be overthrown. There will be a monster that will release the spell of "The Wall of Death" and immediately cause us 5k damage.
    This caused a huge argument for the player because it killed many players and they didn't know how to deal with it and couldn't think of a better way to POE Currency Buy deal with it. One of my teammates reshaped his role on the third day because he was very sad and frustrated.

    in conclusion
    The Exiles path is one of the most interesting leagues I have ever played. It has brought a lot of frustration to many people, including my team. But it is undeniable that they have brought us more challenges and rekindled our needs to win. So I believe this is one of the most interesting leagues I have ever played.
    Does this update make us feel depressed? Yes. Did the first week of the update make us interesting? Yes. That's why I like it, it's a game that every player loves and hates.

    There isn't much discussion about the difference between this bad league start, but I may not be surprised that the details will lead to discussions in the test field or delays in the league, because the longer you wait, the more you may have Happy. If you are attracted after reading this article, then go play!