Path of Exile: One year of the Legion, melee reform has been im

  • Path of Exile has just given up version 3.7.0, the Legion, which can bring some interesting new changes and challenges.

    In addition to the new Challenge Alliance, the much-anticipated melee system reform will include a series of game changes and improvements. Of course, the highlight of the update may be POE Orbs the introduction of a new challenge alliance, the road to exile has its game features.

    The Legion Challenge Alliance introduced a grotesque but powerful boulder for the game. When players explore the experience map, these games are randomly generated, which increases the mystery of the game and the challenge to the player. Touching these boulders will reveal the ghosts of the ancient army, allowing players to fight him or her, releasing the soul and winning the battle will receive a very generous reward. A reward is new to your Legion Challenge Alliance: Fragments, fragments of mysterious boulder, which players can use later to penetrate the eternal conflict zone.

    Undoubtedly, another major change is to POE Currency Buy update the most important changes (because this will affect all players, not just the league players), this is just a melee reform. For a while, the developer Grinding Gear Games has begun experimenting with various exile systems - such as magic-based combat - and it has recently changed its awareness of melee fighting in the game. However, developers also claim that their goal is always to improve the "feel" of melee fighting. This kind of face-to-face confrontation can make players more excited and challenging.

    How do you view the new game mechanics and balance changes introduced by the exiles in the Legion? Have you ever participated in a new challenge league and met a mysterious boulder? If you have any questions about this update, you can leave a comment below the article. Follow me, I will also push you more articles about Path of Exile.