MapleStory 2 Assassin Attack Solo Guide (Fire Dragon)

  • It is difficult to enter the dungeon alone in MapleStory 2, but keep in mind that it can be done. Anyway, including assassins. We don't just discuss traditional patterns and dungeons, we should treat them. This is a hard mode dungeon - referring to the fireplace dragon.

    Ready to kill
    Before the assassin accepts the dungeon boss, you will want to Cheap Maplestory M Mesos give it a good structure and equipment. As for headwear, suits, tops, and bottoms. Ensure that Boss Damage exists after a physical attack. Gloves must also prioritize Boss Damage, but choose Physical Piercing as a secondary injury. Another shoe that can cause Boss damage may be shoes. Finally, use perforations on cloaks, belts, earrings or amulets.

    Skills and preparation
    In your build, use their company name to differentiate their core skills.
    The first was built by Lucky Stars, Star Chaser and Star Flurry. The unique feature of this release is that it is very efficient and you will use it whether your device is adequate or not. This is one of its biggest advantages, and why it is greatly welcomed by many players. On the other hand, you will find that there is a shadow cutter that, unlike before, can cause larger single target damage. However, its downside is that players can't use large scales to cause high damage. So players can choose to adapt to Maplestory Mobile Mesos themselves by fighting specific battles with them.

    Heat treatment
    With the start of the raid, it will be possible to find the window sill. They will carry out large-scale attacks.
    Once the fireplace dragon tries to hit you while using the tail, you can also use the ledge. But if it's impossible to achieve it now, you can also try to counterattack and grab it, which is a test of the player's skill. If he doesn't hit you, he will make a big radius attack. Don't you worry? But actually, you can dodge them.
    After that stage, he will attack the game player with a fast flame. Again, you can use the ledge to make sure you are not damaged. When he is finally finished, you can approach him again and resume the attack. When you achieve this, be careful of the rest of the flames, as these flames can cause fatal attacks on you.