The Path of Exile: the Legion can make new players' games harde

  • When the sport lasted for a long time, it was a headache for how to get new players to adapt quickly to the game. In general, this is a question of how to get new players into an environment where they are not told. For the next major update on the road to exile, the developer Grinding Gear Games seems to be moving in very different directions. They want a game that is hostile to new players, so new players will have a lot of trouble.

    Game director Chris Wilson said they expect to step up their operations through the next major update leg, so there will be POE Currency PS4 some changes. They are eager to make the overall game more challenging through the latest legions, which will increase the difficulty of the game to some extent. When they end up defeating a hardcore enemy or boss, new and old players may be rewarded. So this award may be more exciting than before.

    “What's amazing is that the goal will be more hostile to early players,” he quoted. "We are rebalancing the early monster battles, causing it to cause more damage and making each player nervous. The boss attack has a better signal, but this time it will cause more damage, so use modern tools to POE Currency hide Attacking is a wise choice. You can imagine it as a regular action game - if you are playing against the boss, you will soon be able to avoid its big attack and close damage, and it is safer. We are creating this feeling until Now it's very interesting, we will do our best to achieve this goal, players can look forward to it."

    This is usually an anti-Google idea, so I hope it will solve the problem for them. The road to exile is already available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The latest update, the Legion, will be released on June 7.