Path of Exile: Legion with Army Battles and Melee Overhaul star

  • Path of Exile: Legion is going to be released today at 10 pm on PC. The big expansion to the free-to-play action role-playing game completely overhauls the melee system and introduces the Legion Challenge League, which requires the souls of five famous generals along with POE Currency their legions/armies from your past of Path of Exile caught in the timeless conflict. These generals and armies may be challenged by the players. Path of Exile: Legion / Version 3.7.0 is going to be released on June 10 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    How to start out the events together with the Legion and what rewards with splinters, incubation items, and jewels, search for here. More information around the revised POE Currency Buy melee system plus the improvements for the bosses battles may be found here.

    In addition, you will discover new build archetypes: "The new Gladiator archetype can switch involving the Blood as well as the Sand stance, dynamically adjusting the way in which new and already available skills work, and also the new Berserker archetype with redesigned Noise mechanics advantages from new abilities Those who create and consume intoxication, these powerful archetypes, together with their new abilities, provide additional opportunities for a lot of other Path of Exile builds. "