Final Fantasy XIV: The Shadow Man is just not about darkness o


    Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, and Forbes accepted a meeting with the upcoming MMORPG expansion film Shadowbringers. Like many JRPGs, specially the rest on the Final Fantasy series, FFXIV handles the duality of light and dark through the entire event. After all, the ball player character is named the Warrior of Light. So far, players have already been working on lighting.

    When the participant is come to another world that may be encroached by light, the problem of the shadow striker has evolved. In this marketplace, players must change direction to FF14 Gil get balance to the entire world. Of course, as a way to fully understand the shadows, you must recall that the earth that players usually play is one from the fourteen "fragments" from the original world. Those fragments are simply substitute universe fragments with the original world. The player's world will be the piece of debris referred to as the "source."

    As Shadowbringers players go to a " new world " called "The First."
    The fourteen fragments with the original world were repeatedly quoted because of the group of big crooks Ascians amongst gamers. However, until now, exactly what means is pretty vague, because Shadowbringers will ultimately let players understand what is happening in other fragmented worlds.

    The whole thing isn't just around the struggle between light and darkness, but in regards to the balance relating to the two.

    Forbes interview with Yoshida:

    “The Crystal Tower stands inside the first seat, eventhough it should not appear in that world. In addition, everything how the “Light Warrior” encounters resembles what is within his hometown world, yet it's significantly different. The form exists.

    “I encourage everyone to be prepared to have an unknown new adventure. All the hardships are awaiting you.”

    As Yoshida explains, the duality of light and Final Fantasy 14 Gil shadow plays a big part within the new Shadowbringers environment, that makes a lot of sense.

    “The beginning of the idea is very easy: in recent fantasy works, the notion that light is the same as good and dark is the same as evil is essential, so we want to adjust it a lttle bit.

    "Until the Final Fantasy XIV, our players are Warriors of Light: Heroes. However, with Shadowbringers, we left Source and started our first journey. Through this I want our players to uncover the truth from the world. And think around the true nature of light and darkness. This could be the theme of Shadowbringers.

    "In but the, too strong light may become evil. Darkness and night will also be necessary conditions for the earth to maintain balance; this could be the theme we're going to elaborate."