Ulysse Nardin 6109-131 Complications Hourstriker Kazakhstan re

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    Ulysse Nardin 6109-131 Complications Hourstriker Kazakhstan replica watch

    Brand: Ulysse Nardin
    Series: Complications
    Model: 6109-131
    Movement: manual winding
    Case: Platinum
    Case size: 42 mm
    Gender: men
    Dial Color: Black
    Bracelet: Alligator
    Clasp: Deployment
    Glass: Sapphire
    Water resistance: Yes
    Quality: Japanese AAA
    Functions: Hours / Minutes
    Features: Limited Edition / Repeater

    replicas watches for sale We know that the calendar device of the watch only beats once every 24 hours. However, the hour hand of the watch is rotated two times. In the first case, the watch will change the calendar at 12 noon. The correction is also very simple. You only need to move the clockwise hand clockwise one turn. In the second case, there are two ways to correct it. Usually, the watch with calendar (including the calendar) function has 3 files in the table. When the watch is pushed in completely, it is also called "normal." The gear position", this time the rotating watch can only be used to wind the watch; when the watch is completely pulled out, the watch can be turned in the forward or reverse direction, in the "normal gear" and the fully pulled pin position There is also a gear, which is used to quickly adjust the calendar. You need to slowly and carefully place the crown in this position and rotate the crown to correct the calendar.

    Old-fashioned watches generally do not have this quick-tuning function, so they can only be corrected by clockwise dialing. There is also a lazy way, that is, when the calendar is dialed, the counter is turned counterclockwise back to the 7 o'clock position, and then dialed clockwise to the 12 o'clock calendar position, so that the trouble of continuously clockwise dialing is eliminated. From the appearance point of view, the trademark and brand writing on the dial and back cover of the genuine watch are clear and complete; the number of drills on the dial matches the actual number of drills in the movement; the material indicated on the back cover matches the material used in the case.

    The glass is clear and clear; the outer corner of the case component has no sharpness; the coating has no bubbles and does not fall off. The logo and brand writing on the dial and back cover of the counterfeit brand watch are blurred; the number of drills marked on the dial does not match the actual number of drills in the movement; the outer corner of the case assembly is rough, and there are phenomena such as blistering, falling off or broken parts.From the movement, the plywood or pendulum in the movement of the genuine brand watch is marked with the corresponding trademark label; the movement is stable in the case assembly; the movement is clean. There is no trademark label on the splint or pendulum of the counterfeit watch movement, or the trademark label is rough, fuzzy, skewed, or simply pasted with small copper; the movement is not clean, some movements have copper shavings and hair strands. , fingerprints, etc.