Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Radar 03.2082.400/02.R830 watche


    The Zenith replica swiss watches Series 410 is equipped with the El Primero full-calendar chronograph movement, which was first born in 1969. It reproduces the classic style while also equipped with rare and complex functions. With the skill of the brand, it retains the true quality of this iconic work of the last century, and adds a touch of modernity to it. It highlights the elegance and brilliance of mature men, making this watch a name. In fact, the only authentic product. This limited edition watch launched this year with a silver dial, highly restored the functional layout of the historical watch, each detail is full of strong seventies style, let the nostalgic emotional moment with the father's wrist, 42 mm fine The steel case has a smooth arc shape, and the combination of polished and matte details is avant-garde. The pure blue second hand tail is also decorated with a star of Zenith. It is a symbol of the brand's distinguished quality and precision timing technology.

    The fake watches for sale not only has the world's most accurate automatic chronograph timekeeping function, but also adds a full calendar and moon phase display to restore the practical and authentic quality, which is quite romantic.
    With its patented breakthrough technology "ZENITH Oscillator", the Swiss brand, symbolized by Venus, is revolutionizing the traditional escapement that dominated the mechanical watch industry for more than three hundred years. The ZENITH Zenith, the DEFY Inventor, is the world's first and only revolutionary evolution of the traditional escapement and has been successfully mass-produced. Mechanical watch. With the DEFY Innovator watch, Zenith has innovated and interpreted contemporary fine watchmaking skills in a completely independent way, leading the mechanical watch industry into a new dimension. The future can be seen from this.

    From the very beginning, Zenith announced that the DEFY series of watches will set a new milestone in the history of its watchmaking. This contemporary and even futuristic legend is rooted in the brand's vision. best swiss replica watches

    In 2017, Zenith's DEFY Lab was born and released in a limited edition of 10 pieces worldwide. Two years later, the DEFY Thinker Watch became the world's first and only revolutionary evolution of the traditional escapement system. And successfully achieved mass production of mechanical watches. Since its birth in 1865, the persistence and love of mechanical watches has always inspired Zenith to challenge the limits of watchmaking and pursue the ultimate in innovation and precision. It is this conviction that allows Shinrika to boldly break through the traditional structural theory, and to open up new ways and lead the mechanical watch into a new era.

    The DEFY Thinker watch vibrates at a very high frequency of 18 Hz (usually 4 Hz) with a power reserve of up to two days. Its outstanding performance beyond the precision of contemporary mechanical watches is attributed to the new mechanical wrist developed by Zenith. The heart of the watch - "Zhenli Time Plate", a 0.5 mm True Force Time Plate, revolutionizes the traditional escapement of more than 30 parts, eliminating contact, friction, wear and deformation; its escapement The wheel is made of soft leaves, which is a pioneering work in the watchmaking world. As the terminator of the escapement, the “Zhenli Time Plate” opened up a new vision and dimension for the watchmaking industry, enabling the traditional escapement system to be reborn in a different form of mechanical operation. This extremely complex and complex process is the inheritance and persistence of Swiss watchmaking spirit at Zenith. It is also a subversion and breakthrough of traditional theory, and it is a precise depiction of the future direction of the mechanical watch industry.