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    Hublot Big Bang Unico SORAI 411.CZ.4620.NR.SOA19 watches It's not easy to release the limited edition after the limited edition. Hublot just released the new big bang Calaveras patrias on the day of the dead. The day of the dead is a Mexican festival celebrated throughout Mexico to celebrate those who have left our lives. Today, many people in the United States even celebrate a widely distributed holiday, which is perfectly displayed at the opening ceremony of James Bond spectrum.

    The new Hublot big bang Calaveras patrias comes in five different versions, including 18k rose gold with black diamonds, 18k rose gold with stainless steel, stainless steel with black diamonds and frosted black ceramics. In this hands-on evaluation, we will focus on two favorite References: limited release of 10 pieces of 18k rose gold and limited release of 30 pieces of black ceramics. Equipped with the 44 mM case of the commonly used tripartite structure, the brand-new Hublot big bang Calaveras patrias brand brings the "Dia de Los Muertos" home with its amazing "CALAVERA" (skull) carved dial and bezel, which are decorated with the iconic works of art accompanying Mexico this holiday.

    These five new best swiss replica watches are engraved with the pattern of "cempasuchil" flowers (Marigold in Mexico is mainly used for the celebration of the day of the dead) and the traditional "CALAVERA" pattern, which is an excellent example of how to master different clock decoration technologies. Hublot big bang Calaveras patrias black ceramic, also known as ` all black ', is not so eye-catching in design, while the 18k rose gold watch highlights its black pattern and carved surface. To match the work on the dial and bezel, the new Hublot big bang Calaveras patrias features a textured rubber strap with the same skull pattern at 12 and 6 o'clock. The rubber strap is exquisitely made of composite material, which can collect a lot of dust and fluff. The strap is respectively fixed on the matching 18k rose gold or frosted black ceramics by the classic unfolded buckle of Hublot.

    The new Hublot big bang Calaveras patrias is powered by the Hublot 23 gem automatic movement hub 21. This kind of automatic movement can provide 42 hours of power storage after fully tightening, and can be fully visible on the back of the display cabinet. On the wrist, Hublot big bang Calaveras patrias is wearing an outstanding size, very comfortable. The uniqueness of this watch will undoubtedly be the beginning of a dialogue between watch collectors, especially today. Although we like the all black appearance of the frosted ceramic watch, the contrast between gold and black on the carving pattern in the 18K red gold luxury of watches makes this watch very sexy and beautiful.

    On August 12, 2017, the greatest sprinter ever put on his running shoes. Usain Bolt finished his career in the World Athletics Championships in London for the last time after conquering 11 World Championships and 8 Olympic medals. The new Hublot big bang sapphire timekeeper Unicode limited edition Usain Bolt victory set, released last week at SIAR 2017 in Mexico City, is the ninth watch in the big bang Unicode series made of sapphire.

    Usain Bolt, nicknamed "lightning bolt", is the fastest sprinter ever. In order to celebrate his success, and to run such a long distance in such a short time, no one else can do it. The new Hublot big bang sapphire American bolt is only limited to eight to commemorate his eight Olympic medals, and is equipped with a clear sapphire case. hublot watches for sale

    The new Hublot big bang sapphire usain bolt is a 45mm case cut from sapphire blocks (this material is almost as hard and scratch resistant as diamonds) sold in a special transparent resin box with a pair of Puma gold sprint studs - the new Hublot big bang Unicode sapphire dial and Usain Bolt autograph on the shoe and Usain Bolt autograph on the shoe box; and The shoes are the same. The sapphire dial provides a panoramic view of the hub 1242 Unico movement. Usain Bolt has some very unique styles that make the watch stand out and distinguish it from other big bang sapphire timepieces. As far as the case is concerned, the design combines sapphire bezel, middle case and bottom cover as well as 18 K gold button, crown, screw and strap release insert. This is a unique case designed for 2017 watch only auction. The main difference between the two is that the new watch is unique in that it uses a black PVD treated movement instead of a gold treated movement.

    Three unique touches make this watch quite interesting and beautiful. First of all, there is a black Usain Bolt silhouette on the 9 o'clock running second hand, playing his traditional "lightning" celebration posture. Secondly, the dial is decorated with green and gold tones, indicating the color of Jamaica's flag - Usain's nationality. Hublot usain bolt is a striking combination of black, gold and green. http://www.luxurywristtime.com