Path of Exile: The Legion is now online, adding new leagues an

  • The large-scale version 3.7.0 update of Path of Exile, better known as the Legion, was launched earlier today. It brings a much-anticipated and extensive melee fighting reform, as well as a new Legion Challenge League. To do this, you can prepare more POE Currency to welcome the new league and the different melee.

    Melee rework has brought about a huge balance of changes and a fundamental rethinking of the melee principle. By default, each attack can't hit multiple enemies, and you can interrupt your skills for more flexibility. Many monsters now also deal damage in specific areas in front of them, instead of directly dealing damage to the target, so you can now evade this damage by evading. You'll also notice improved enemy telegrams, as well as more granular revisions to goals, accuracy, blocking, and more.

    Of course, a new major update also means a new challenge alliance, these are time-limited game worlds for introducing and testing new content. In the Legion Challenge Alliance, you will encounter boulder during exploration, touch an ancient army that will reveal the middle of the battle, and have the opportunity to release them so that you can strike them yourself. Defeating them to get huge rewards is POE Exalted Orb and the pieces you might use to access the permanent conflict area later.

    Here is everything we know about the Path of Exile: the Legion. The latest news is exciting, and the game director of "Path of Exile" vows not to be nervous when running his studio Grinding Gear Games.

    The road to exile will usher in major changes. Grinding Gear has been built to version 4.0.0, which is a huge extension. "For us, it will use Diablo 4." We look forward to more news in ExileCon in November, but the release itself has a year and a half time.