New Pathfinder courses and updates will go to MapleStory on Jun

  • After years and years, we finally defeated the Dark Wizard! But this does not explain MapleStory and its bustling community. When a story ends, another story begins, and this new chapter begins with the much-anticipated Pathfinder course.

    Pathfinders will be released on June 26, and character pre-authoring will begin on June 12. Pre-creation will allow players to customize the basic functions of the Pathfinder, such as gender, hair color, and more.

    As an explorer archer, pathfinders use ancient bows and relics to pierce any enemy from a distance. Players who follow the "Pathfinder" storyline will learn that an ancient curse is placed on her, which gives her an ancient power. This power is different from the power that is commonly obtained with Maplestory M Mesos, which is more devastating.

    Tera Burning Project: In addition to this new course, MapleStory players can expect a lot of new game content. This starts with the Tera Burning Project. From June 12th to July 23rd, players who create new characters will receive dramatic leveling bonuses. After reaching level 10, their role is increased by two levels per level.

    In essence, this gives players three levels of price. For each level between 201 and 220, the player will also receive permanent starter gear and arcane symbols.

    Adventure Island: Adventure Island will begin on June 12. The island will include several mini-games such as Adventure Bingo, Maplerunner, Reverse Combat and more. Players can use their adventure level and collect adventure coins to purchase new items at the Maplestory M Mesos for sale store through the Adventure Island event. For example, buy at MMOAH.

    Elodin Secret Forest Theme Dungeon: We will also see a brand new theme dungeon for players between 30 and 59 levels. Known as the secret forest of Elodin, you will find this dungeon in the south of Ellinia. Dark - but cute - New creatures are full of forests, including nightingales, dust bindings, Night Glimmerfox and Blue Spring Sprite. MapleStory will reward players who use the special medal to complete the Elodin Secret Forest mission.

    MapleStory will also see some minor updates next to the Pathfinder version. Several work will be remodeled with a focus on Kana and Hayato. The rewards for the low-level theme dungeons will improve, the decline in the restart world will increase, and the mission requirements for the fifth career promotion will be reduced. Many people expect the success rate of the interstellar power and the cost of improving the arcane symbols to improve. .