What you need to know about the Rocket League "radical summer"

  • Rocket League developers have been teasing this summer's game will be the biggest event in the history of the Rockets League.

    The Rock League's Radical Summer event will open on Monday, June 10th, for 9 weeks, until August 12th, to celebrate everything in the 80s with a new game mode, DLC has Ghostbusters, Knight Rider, ET, The Goonies, Iconic franchises such as The Karate Kid, and more.

    Some DLC projects can be seen in gorgeous and nostalgic trailers to promote the event, showcasing the new K.I.T.T. and Ghostbusters Ecto-1 battlecars.

    Both of these new fighters are premium DLC, which means they can't buy Rocket League Items in active currency, and they need to spend real money. Buying any DLC package will give you an item other than the car itself, including the incredible "Stay Puft" target explosion included in the Ghostbusters package, as shown below.

    In addition to advanced DLC, players can also unlock new items by collecting "cassettes", the currency of the event, and replacing them with items from the E.T. theme wheel to Marty McFly's suspension board. As with all events, tapes are available by playing an online contest in any playlist.

    In addition to a large number of iconic 80s equipment, players can also enjoy three independent time-limited game modes. From June 10th to July 1st, you can play Ghost Hunt, a game mode inspired by the Ghostbusters, which allows players to use the "Proton Beam" to drag the ball into the opponent's scoring area.

    From the trailer, the "proton beam" looks a bit like the Rumble mode tractor beam, but it lifts and keeps the ball at a certain distance instead of loosely binding it.

    Next, from July 1st to July 22nd, it is a game mode that uses the Rumble mode to power up the spikes. The announcement teased the ability to randomly activate and deactivate spikes, which means that the possibilities of flicking and air grabbing are endless.

    Finally, the conclusion of the event on July 22 will feature a new doubles mode, and the activated deformer will mimic beach volleyball and top guns.

    Each of these three time slots will offer new items in the event store, but the event will end in a week, and all items, Rocket League Crates and Rocket League Keys can be purchased with tape, so if you missed your favorite Please don't worry about the goods. Alternatively, you can redeem up to fifteen golden eggs containing random items from Elevation, Victory, Turbo and Nitro Crates.