Path of Exile: Helmet, Reiki, Wings - Cool Rewards of the Legio

  • As always, the new alliance in the RPG Path of Exile will not only attract new mechanisms, but will also bring unique rewards. What exactly these looks are and how many tasks you have to master are finally clear.

    It won't be long, then it will go again in Path of Exile: Last Friday, June 7th, 2019, the development of a new league action RPG in New Zealand. This provides the start of the entry players back to everything - anyone can start at level 1, play the law and manage the Atlas map again. However, the whole thing of course has his new incentives: after the revision, especially the melee game mode update 3.7.0, improved the visual clarity of the beginning of the animation production. For those who don’t have enough reasons, it may be useful for them to challenge the unique rewards of the league.

    As before, you can unlock, you can no longer pick up the upgrade of POE Items within the Legion account, who missed the Legion, who just missed it. Champion T (losing special bosses, self-used items, exploring areas) a certain number of challenges they face, depending on many challenges that can be leveraged by new rewards for their switches:

        Boulder helmet (after 12 challenges)
        Boulders Aura (24 after the challenge overcomes)
        Monolith Wingback (experienced 36 challenges)

    While irregular players may easily be at the helm of the league for about three months, the latter two rewards or POE Currency are more of a category that you must work hard for. In some cases, when you carry Encounter randomly, you can only get the necessary number of completed challenges. Then provide some of this in the chat, so keep your eyes peeled, or just ask if your partner has the "hand" experience.