All you need to know about Path of Exile:LEGION

  • Path of Exile has been going on for quite some time now, so the alliances of these years have sprung up. Now, the Grinding Gear Gamesis is a new alliance. Yes, this is the name; yes, if not more, it will be as awesome as before. So start to reserve POE Currency and prepare for the Legion!

    The reason why the latest league is called the Legion is because this is exactly what you will accept. Not one, not two, but five legions! Thousands of years of being called the area of ​​permanent conflict are in trouble, and you will release and then fight against the mighty army of the most powerful military leader of the legendary military leader Wieclast.

    In order to defeat them, you must first use Timeless Monoliths. Through them, you will be able to reveal and unblock monsters that have been frozen in time. Defeating them will reward you. The harder the monster, the better the reward. Even if a monster discards a particular item, you will be able to determine which monster has dropped a particular item by looking at the icon on the top of the head.

    In addition to the usual items falling, monsters from the eternal megalith will also produce debris. By combining them, the badges of the legion to which they belong will be formed. Combining two or more different legion logos will put you in a permanent conflict area. Once you finally unlock the upgraded map device, you can finally fight in the league's main event.

    Melee fighting: better than ever. It goes without saying that they will become difficult customers. Fortunately, the new alliance - the real blue Path of Exile fashion, will appear new projects. In fact, the Legion will even invest in something extra because it will do some fairly specific adjustments: melee combat transformation.

    Players who have used melee combat classes have noticed some problems, so in response, GGG will make some improvements, some of which even affect all categories. First, low-level action skills will be added to all classes to give everyone more flexibility. Next, the animation system and monster positioning rules usually do better. Consistent with monster positioning, the accuracy rate will no longer be limited to 95%. No one knows what you will do with accuracy, but if it helps you, why not? As for the alliance-specific projects, there are incubators, and POE Items can modify the gears after killing a certain number of monsters.

    As for the specific changes specific to the melee class, there will now be an attack animation that cancels after the damage occurs. In order to make melee combat classes as attractive as popular AOE skills, melee attacks now hit multiple nearby enemies.

    We have not completed the melee course yet! The Legion will add a new build prototype, the two mentioned above are melee. The prototype of the Blood and Sand Gladiator allows the player to choose between a bloody gesture and a sand pose, each with a different game style. There is also the Rage Berserker prototype, which has a new Rage system and new skills, whether it's use or build anger. There are more new prototypes coming soon, so it wouldn't be surprising if it became one of the most popular and important leagues in the history of Path of Exile!

    Path of Exile: The Legion will play on June 7 this year. I hope that by then you are ready, and everything we tell you will help you plan ahead. After all, it is difficult to fight against the Legion, so you must be prepared!