Path of Exile: The Director of the Corps discusses the Mega Bat

  • Grinding Gear Games' "Path of Exile" will begin its next challenge with Legion (June 10th game console) on June 7th. Basically the evolution of the next breakthrough, the Legion saw the players find that the army lost time and killed them to get rewards. This is done by the various Monoliths placed in Wraeclast.

    When the player encounters a boulders, the enemy soldiers will be frozen in place. Hit and "release" them before the timer runs out will start the battle. It is important to choose a goal because the best rewards may come from the most difficult enemy to deal with. In a recent Q&A with design director Chris Wilson, more details on how this mechanism works will be shared. Players may take this opportunity to obtain more POE Currency to welcome the following breakthrough.

    For example, can a player release all enemies in a boulder before time runs out? Wilson responded: "It is possible that because a strong enough lineup will encounter a group of monsters, these monsters will all be produced together, but we don't think it will appear in the early stages of the league. Please note that you must actually have enough for the monsters. Damage can break them, so hitting those hard-to-hit monsters in such a short period of time is quite tricky. "Then he added a footnote, and he suspected that the community would achieve that.

    As for the attacks on Jurassic, Totem, Trap and Brand, they will work as usual and aim at the frozen enemies. Once the enemy breaks out, they will move on to the next enemy. Regarding the killing effect and whether they will be triggered when the enemy is released, Wilson said, "In general, we have tried to trigger these killing effects as much as possible. These must be added on a case-by-case basis, so we first hit the most popular ones. There are several technical problems, such as the absence of corpse damage (because no corpses are destroyed). If we miss some cases, then we will study the practicality of solving these problems. "In addition, the ball player knows that the existing POE Orbs PS4 is value attention, so the gamer must accumulate coins between players for unexpected expenses.

    Path of Exile Legion expansion patch notes will be held June 4 (US time) on the line. Check out some other improvements, such as changes in boss battles, while doing so.