Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.56 arrives in a few days, bringing t

  • Square Enix announced inside a press release today that Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.56 is originating soon. To be exact. The next major update for MMORPG is going to be released on March 26, 2019. It will bring some lighter moments player enjoyment such as the last Stormblood story mission ahead of the next expansion.

    Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.56 will provide the second major group of mission tasks you start with the previous major update patch 4.5. These effort is called "Heroes on the Soul Part 2" and definately will complete the Stormblood expansion and completion with the Stormblood task line. Therefore, perhaps it will make players will no longer expect this summer's Shadowbringers expansion.Players know that the current Final Fantasy XIV Gil is worth watching, so it is wise for players to accumulate coins now.

    Players are extremely concerned about and what will happen in a few days in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.56. But the new main scene task isn't the only thing you can expect inside a new patch. It will also include everyone's favorite inspector Hildibrand's new adventure plus the new Stormblood Beast Tribe mission.

    For FFXIV players, this is exciting news, as 2019 will be one of the MMO's biggest years. Players who don't have new content don't have to spend months, as other events such as Final Fantasy XV collaboration will happen between today and this summer when Shadowbringers are launched. In addition, the Tokyo Fan Festival will be held this weekend. In the Tokyo Fan Festival, players have the opportunity to get a cheap Final Fantasy 14 Gil.

    We will definitely get a lot of information about the Shadowbringers extension, including another possible new class and so on. The Shadowbringers were released in early July, bringing a whole new world, a new story to be completed, a new level cap, and at least one new class and race. Be sure to continue to follow here to get more information about FFXIV.