Director of Path of Exile opposes work austerity in video game

  • Behind the great game, there is usually a dark reality, a phenomenon that exists in the video game industry and many other industries. This is called austerity. This means that the research designer worked more than 12 hours a day for months and months of development to reach the release date.

    In Reddit's publication, Chris Wilson, co-founder of Grinding Gear Games, who is responsible for Path of Exile research, commented: "Some studies have enabled their team to work 14 hours a day to launch patches that will best sustain the game. Sometimes When we read the comments from the community, we felt that we were asked to do so. "Recently, these time forums are often not discussing where to buy inexpensive POE Items, POE Orbs, POE PS4 Currency, etc. But in Discuss whether it should be overworked every day and constantly reduce the rest time of employees.

    Wilson admits that it will take an extra few hours when they are about to launch a major update, but most development cycles keep the team "great balance" between work and life. He explained that the result is that some improvements take longer.

    The most promising of all is not only a better understanding of the industry crisis, but also the community can understand the problem. Fortunately, fans of Path of Exile commented on these statements and are very supportive of this issue. After all, fans are most concerned about the final rendering of the game, and whether the price of POE Currency is reasonable.

    I hope that the video game industry will find a new way to deal with this situation little by little. In particular, take care of the people behind the games we love, and avoid activities like Anthem or Fortnite.