Final Fantasy XIV's Hrothgar and Viera will be the latest playa

  • In the latest Fantasy XIV's latest "producer's letter", game director and producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that due to the difficulty of developing new events for MMO, the gender-locked Hrothgar and Viera games will be the final match to FFXIV.

    While it may not seem like it, adding a new contest to the game requires the development team to ensure that all projects are properly displayed on the new character model, and each project has its own unique expressions, gestures and expressions. At the same time, it must be ensured that the acquisition and use of FFXIV Gil is not affected.

    Yoshida also discussed the possibility of getting a young character model for the player character. In essence, this is a flat attitude for “moral and moral reasons”. Both are due to the children's painful display of the child's ethical dilemma, and the player may use the youngster model to carry out the purpose.

    The stream also discusses why only two new jobs were released in Shadowbringers and there are no specific therapists. Damcer was added to work as a remote DPS to make the subclass consistent with the three therapists and the three tanks, so the remote DPS work would be at the same level. Because time limits the development cycle, no new therapists have been developed, but Yoshida has noticed that fans want a new therapist to work, so we may see a fourth therapist, Shadow Brin. But players always need Final Fantasy 14 Gil, even if they release two new jobs.