Lucasfilm confirms the development of the film about Star Wars

  • As we all know, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a MMORPG based in the Star Wars universe. In the game, players can succeed through technology, equipment and SWTOR Credits . But it is clear that today we are not talking about the game itself, but the game-derived movie about Star Wars the Old Republic.

    Although we are more than eight months away from the last chapter of Skywalker's legend, Lucas Film Company President Catherine Kennedy has just confirmed that the film about Star Wars the Old Republic is already in preparation.

    At this year's Star Wars celebration, producers were asked when they spoke to MTV News whether it was possible to adapt to this early stage in the franchise schedule. Although Kennedy avoided many problems, it was not all. She mentioned that they "always talk about this issue" and then affirmed: "Yes, we are preparing to develop something." She went on to emphasize that now she emphasizes Say "just don't be sure what might happen."

    From the sound of things, the movie about Star Wars the Old Republic may still have a long way to go, only numbers, how the film franchise will continue after the release of "Star Wars: The Rise of the Skywalker". However, how this new development is in line with a report last month that the game creators of power, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, are also making trilogy while manufacturing the Old Republic.

    Star Wars News reported that the project was likened to "Game of Thrones" and "Lord of the Rings" and described it as "opening the Star Wars Timeline." Then, the news from the website also indicated that the first part of the trilogy is expected to start shooting in the fall, although most people think this seems unlikely. Some people ridicule, instead of believing that it is better to prepare some SWTOR Credits Buy , then experience the game.

    In any case, Kennedy does not seem to have determined the future of the franchise beyond 2019. But this is not what we should worry about right now. What is imminent is the movie "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker", which will be released on December 20.