Final Fantasy 14 may be able to exceed FFXV in a limited time

  • MMORPG's Final Fantasy XIV has started with the latest numbered event in the franchise Final Fantasy XV. It's worth noting that this event will last until May 27th and bring some players' familiar characters and devices from the game to the MMORPG.

    This event is called "The Night of the Hero" and introduces Noctis and his iconic car Regalia. The Warriors of Light will face many threats from the Eos world of Noctis, such as the Magic Infantry, Armor and Messenger. You can use the new Triple Triad card like Noctis, use the Regalia mount, listen to FFXV music, and cut your hair. But if you want to participate, you need to reach level 50 and complete the "Ultimate Weapons" scene, then start the mission chain by finding Kipih Jakkya from Ul'dah in the steps of Nald. To find out how they are connected, you can watch the trailer. However, upgrading to 50 is a very slow process. If you want to reach a short time, you may need a lot of FFXIV Gil , which will help you upgrade.

    The Final Fantasy XIV has been regularly updated with new activities, and the game currently hosts an Easter-themed event called Hatching. There are many other activities, players who miss and want to know, you can find out on the official website.

    There are a series of actions after the release of Final Fantasy XV. It launched its last episode of Ardyn on March 26. This episode allows players to wear the boots of the FFFV 35-year-old game villain, which does not need to be purchased by Final Fantasy 14 Gil. This also gives you access to new actions such as the ability to move quickly or guard against enemies. For other things, you can find out on the official website.