How to access other worlds in the updated Final Fantasy XIV

  • The cooperation event on Final Fantasy XIV is in progress, but not all. The latest update of Final Fantasy XIV 4.57 is now available, and in this update, the Final Fantasy XIV World Access System is allowed. We intend to answer some questions raised by the MMORPG in this guide. For example, how do you actually visit other worlds? What is this all about? Similar to these. . .

    For players who are just starting to play this game, although the Final Fantasy XIV World Access System allows players to access other worlds, there are some limitations. In essence, if you and your friends are in different worlds, then you can break the walls and play with them. After this update, you are basically taking risks with everyone else, whether you are in the same world. The FFXIV Gil and the device feel needed for the game have also been greatly improved, it sounds very good!final fantasy xiv world visit system

    Here's how to use the Final Fantasy XIV World Access System. In the first step, you must visit the main aetheryte of Uldah, Gridania or Limsa Lominsa. Then select Crystal and the options you will access will appear on the page. However, you can only access the world of the current data center, and then you can only select the world that appears on the page.

    This is well understood, for example, it seems that Balmung players cannot access the world of Midgardsormr and vice versa. Also, for you in this world you have to be clear about what you can do and you can't do it. For example, you can't summon your retainers or sell your own items on the market board, but you can use your Final Fantasy XIV Gil to buy items on their market boards.

    This means you can't perform specific tasks related to your fixture. So, to unlock or customize you have to choose one to do on your server. At the same time, you can't use gold coins to buy a home or join/create a free company. Of course, if you quit when you visit, you will be returned to the login page and you can log in again.