Path of Exile will appear as a free-to-play game on Xbox One 3

  • If we could easily get offline/async trading from the website along with an official clone of built into the game client and/or the web page, I would be reasonably satisfied.

    If Path of exilereverses course for the mmoah 'manual trading is fun' philosophy and provides us auto-buyouts, I'd be with the fucking moon and would play much more PoE.And yeah, D3 AH was harmful to reasons that wouldn't affect a hypothetical PoE AH.

    Aside in the obvious rage above the real money aspect, the top problem with the D3 AH for me personally was that, on launch, gear was goddamn boring and linear. It was literally just a matter of comparing two stats for many individuals: DPS and defense, each of which were composite scores that taken into account all the various offensive and defensive mods, respectively.At