SWTOR: More Story, Playable Togruta, Outfit Designer (Update)

  • Update 10.02.15: Now the roadmap for 2015 is also official from Bruce Maclean himself. The day after tomorrow starts with Update 3.1, which brings the Flashpoints blood hunt and battle of Rishi in heavy mode and starts the fourth PvP season. For spring then Update 3.2 is planned with the SWTOR Credits clothing designer, which will soon be explained in more detail in a blog. There's also more story on Ziost and the start of the fifth PvP season.

    For content such as the new fortress and the playable Togruta, there is no release date yet. More details will follow, however, as soon as the development has progressed a bit further. The (still a bit short) roadmap for 2015 can be found in the developer blog.

    Original news: Bioware wants to focus more on the action of SWTOR this year. "With the success of the Shadow of Revan expansion, we think it's time to return to our roots and to Buy SWTOR Credits what makes our game truly unique: The Story." There is talk of a new history that unites all eight classes. "Everyone is a galactic war veteran with a complicated past and an uncertain future, and you'll see more emphasis on the story of your character and the choices you make."