Path of Exile: Golems and war cries in the expansion The Awaken

  • Is your Minion too small? Does he not bring satisfactory performance? Does he feel weak after only a few moments, because he is simply not up to the action? That does not have to be!

    In the future, your Minion can be as big, as hard, as stunning as POE Currency a golem! This is ensured by the brand new Gems in Path of Exile: The Awakening. Once the expansion starts, you can use the new pebbles to summon your own Golem.

    These powerful companions come in the flavors of POE Orbs fire, ice and chaos. You can only ever have one golem active. There are also special war cries, including the Rallying Cry, which increases your group's damage and mana regeneration. The more enemies around you, the stronger the effect. In addition, this ability has a mocking effect that causes nearby monsters to attack the Screamer immediately.