Path of Exile: Dev Manifest provides insight into the important

  • On the 8th of March the time has come for PC players to plunge into the new Synthesis League of Path of Exile. With the 3.6.0 update officially ends the Betrayal league, of POE Currency which players but not completely say goodbye. In Synthesis, as an exile, we help the mysterious man Cavas by exploring his memories (collecting valuable loot) in which dangerous knowledge is lost.

    Of course, a new league also brings new music, but in Synthesis, the developers are not content with just the league areas. Instead, the old areas of the first act also receive a fresh musical cure.

    Those who are particularly attached to Buy POE Items the "Lioneye's Watch" theme must remain strong: for example, this is completely replaced by a new track. Here you can listen, if you can make friends with the replacement .