Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers adds a Dancer class, and fans

  • It’s the brand new Dancer job that’s receiving the most attention, however, since it’s a ranged attack class that “unleashes powerful attacks using throwing weapons”. Players are disappointed in this particular because they were hoping to Buy FFXIV Gil get a Healer class, whereas the FF14 Dancer might be more about attack than support.

    The disappointment stems from your previous appearance from the Dancer class, which had been in the last Final Fantasy MMO – Final Fantasy XI. Here, the Dancer was completely a support class – by using a mixture of healing and debuffs, while it was able to dagger-based attacks.

    The Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers expansion will require players towards the First World plus the realm of FF14 Gil Norvrandt, as a way to become Warriors of Darkness. Apart from everything stated earlier, there'll be two new player cities to discover, The Crystarium and Eulmore, and a brand new Field area, Lakeland. Shadowbringers will release on July 2.