Is A Sex Doll A Perfect Girl?

  • Sex dolls can talk to users and engage in sexual activity

    I am not a beautiful woman, these things are very beautiful, I think I am not good enough. Then I realized that it would not affect our relationship. I can see why it makes women feel objective, but when you play with them, you will find them more like toys or games than Japanese sex doll as a substitute.

    The story is released in a new Channel 4 documentary, including a British man who spends most of his life with his wife, but every summer he goes to an apartment in southern France where he is addicted For Dana - a TPE sex doll.

    He advises users to simply "insert the robot" and then "use it" as long as you like. In terms of penis size, he said that the sky of male robots is the limit. Fifty years later, with the development of technology, I would not be surprised if sex robots are as popular as porn.

    Most sex doll owners, although they do use dolls as sex toys, they find that they do have a relationship with it. If I had to choose between April and my wife, I really don't know what I will do. I am very excited about the robot function.

    Jackson said: "Every man has a perfect girl, this is what I saw when I saw it in the mirror. Most manufacturers make them look like 20 years old. For men of my age. This is an illusion, because I will never become Brad Pitt or something similar.

    They previously released a doll that includes an artificial intelligence application and a robotic head that can talk to users and engage in sexual activity. So far, the title costs $6,000 and is available only in women.

    But he revealed that he soon planned to release a male version. The company wants to create the first mass market sex robot. He fucked sexually with the blonde in April between sheets, and she looked just as a teenager.

    “I want to put the camera on her like the iPhone, so she can identify whether she is indoors or outdoors, and can identify herself rather than someone she has never seen before. She can see and recognize people and They assigned names and recalled information about them, so she could say 'Hi, Jackson, how to work at the construction site?'

    Jackson is a 58-year-old engineer who has been married for 36 years and has sex, which is a small part of the envy of many men. He also has a very understanding wife. His wife said that she was initially struggling with other "women" entering his life, and she was taking care of her sick mother, but now she is used to sex doll to share his bed.

    He said: "If a man can indulge, his wife's future will be safer." Instead of using technology Chloe to use photography life. He said: "I know that I can get a series of photos and get her story in my daily life.

    Silicone sex doll robots can answer or blink back to you, God only knows if they can reply you with an incredible facial expression. I may not be able to afford it, but I will continue to save it. So far, Jackson has had to rely on his imagination when talking to and interacting with his dolls, but this may be about to change.

    Authentic doll company urdolls has been creating dolls with artificial intelligence and more "interactive" sexual features. She said: "If he really wants him to go out and find someone else, but he has not done so, he is loyal to me."

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