The Doctor Said that Sex Dolls Help His Marriage

  • Sex doll robot with artificial intelligence

    At the Sex Doll Workshop, Dr. Sex Technical Engineer said he was creating the first sex robot with artificial intelligence. Sex robot lovers talk about his love of the new advanced model and even talk to him.

    I handed over some of these concerns to my 16-year-old wife, Marisa, who is also working on developing Japanese sex doll sex robots. The couple revealed that they even shared their bed with a single person - so she could be called a woman who helped build her husband's mistress.

    "This is the dawn of a new era of robots," the voice said. “The numbers are only physical.” Golden hair and blue eyes may be a little bigger than life in some areas. The TPE sex doll is programmed to skip the talk and be straightforward.

    I am in the basement of a house on the hill outside Barcelona. It is the home of a doctor of sexual technical engineers who says he is creating the first sex robot with artificial intelligence. As scientists and entrepreneurs compete to make robots, we can really get closer, and the future of love, sex and relationships is getting closer.

    The sex industry is estimated to be worth £23 billion a year, including sex toys purchased by women. Sex robots are becoming the ultimate sex toy and are more acceptable, just as “marriage aids” are moving from dirty backstreet stores to the streets.

    What does it think about the future of interpersonal relationships? Are we entering a world where we can choose not to interact with any face-to-face humans? Will more people be happy to admit that they have sex robots?

    “I am basically a Robin Hood because I gave the poor,” Dr. told me that he had an exclusive tour of his latest work. "Men need to make love, I just give them." The program details the evolution of sex robots.

    Of course, you must first open her and then open her. According to Dr. Doll, the real development is hidden behind her. Artificial intelligence, which allows the robot to talk not only, but to react and interact, depending on what is said to her.

    Engineers have made robots more customizable - and are working to move body parts. Depending on the user's mood, from sex, family or entertainment, robots have different modes. Although there have been a lot of speculations about the inclusion of "bionic penis" recently, he said that this is not the case.

    He said: "But it is clear that male robots have the ability to attach sexual components to him," similar to the behavior of female robots.

    When I chat with them, they sit on the sides of the robot on the couch. I said that some people may find it strange to share this doll in bed. She said that this is not surprising. "If a man does not always satisfy his wife in a marriage, his wife will have sex toys," she said.

    He said: "I am thinking about more things that can work like the way men's anatomical functions are really cool - they can actually be stimulated and aroused."

    An app will allow you to change the personality, the face will click and close. Dr. Sex Doll also placed the sensor under the skin to allow the silicone sex dollrobot to react. Gently touching her arm, she would recommend intimacy.

    On the stage of the sex doll show, the creator explained that the life-like face of a sexual robot is versatile - the user can change her mood and personality through the mobile app. The doctor said that he had a sexual relationship with his creative doll and claimed that it would help his marriage.

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