Sex Doll Robots Can Let People Play Fantasy

  • Sex doll robot has entertainment mode

    Will these dolls continue to target women's images and provide obedient sexual servants for superior men? "This is because she doesn't know you," said the doctor. He claims that his technology of Japanese sex dolls enabled them to “learn” what customers want and like, and ultimately build a relationship.

    Couples who are already in the relationship may benefit, because TPE sex doll robots can make people "play fantasy" or "addict to the practice of not being interested in their partners." This was the case a few days after Mom and her son became the official seller of the first personal robot in the UK. Dana Dierser has his own “gender environment”.

    Compared to other commercially produced sex machines, her robots are quite primitive and cost thousands of pounds. The doctor and wife even shared the bed with one of the sex dolls.

    For just £100 an hour, customers can choose one of four full and flexible silicone dolls and achieve their wildest fantasy. Friends said that the 31-year-old woman has a hard time finding a girlfriend.

    Hi, my name is Dana Dierser, I love you, a lot! When I "know" her, this is the first sentence she said to me. This is the first time he has let the TV camera see what he is doing.

    We are surrounded by prototypes. This is a very strange scene. The workbench has heads, limbs and wigs. In the closet, the body hung on the hooks can be customized according to the customer's order. “Usually they want something that looks very beautiful – perfect,” Dr. told me.

    The doctor thinks it would be normal to raise one at home. A co-editor of the book, called Robotics: Social and Ethical, says that machines can see sexual experiences "more madly" spread to people who are considered unpopular.

    University law lecturer John Danaher told the Daily Star: "One thing they can do is to spread sexual experience more widely to people who are not considered to be traditionally attractive." They were denied contact with their sexual partners because They do not conform to traditional norms (attractive).

    Dana has an entertainment mode or even a "family" mode. “Family mode basically means that her behavior makes her look like a sex doll. She can tell you jokes, provide health tips and motivation quotes. To be honest, she is very interesting,” he said.

    The skin looks like life, not as rubbery as you might think. Dana is a sex robot. Golden hair and blue eyes may be a little bigger than life in some areas, and she was programmed to skip the talk and be straightforward.

    But the conversation may be a bit clumsy, and there are some embarrassing silences between me to ask questions and get answers. The robots are still very basic - they don't have different facial expressions, their mouths don't move when they talk. What the doctor did was basically the type of technology that brought us Siri and Alexa into sex dolls.

    In the early stages, this is another step in building a humanoid partner, which is the ultimate goal of the booming sex technology industry. Controversially, sex dolls can help people prepare for relationships.

    The technical competition for creative robots not only looks and sounds like humans, but it can also show the range of human emotions and can raise disturbing moral issues.

    The doctor said that he had a sexual relationship with his creative Sex Doll and claimed that it helped his marriage. His friend claimed that he built the robot because he could not find a human girlfriend.

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