Is The Sex Doll The Ultimate Goal of The Sex Technology Industr

  • The future of sex dolls and relationships is getting closer

    In the early stages, this is another step in building a humanoid partner, which is the ultimate goal of the booming sex technology industry. The creator of this lifelike TPE sex doll said that he chose the accent because "it is the one who sounds the least robot."

    He said: "There are more humanoid robots than the harmony. There are more technological developments in the future, but based on things that developers like Dr. Santos are thinking about now, we may be able to create a walk, talk, think The robot has been around for 20 years and we may have really fallen in love.

    Sexual dolls The 2.1 version can be customized, from AA to three F breasts, the owner can choose from 30 different faces, 16 body types and 18 different personalities. The doctor also placed the sensor under the skin for the robot to react. Gently touching her arm, she would recommend intimacy.

    Of course, you must first open her and then open her. According to the doctor, the real development is hidden behind her. Artificial intelligence, which allows Japanese sex doll robots to talk not only, but to react and interact, depending on what they said to her. But the conversation may be a bit clumsy, and there is some embarrassing silence between me to ask questions and get answers.

    Dr. Sergi and his wife Marisa even shared the bed with one of the dolls. The robots are still very basic - they don't have different facial expressions, their mouths don't move as they speak. What Dr. Sergi did was basically the type of technology that brought our Siri and Alexa into sex dolls.

    As scientists and entrepreneurs compete to make robots, we can really get closer, and the future of love, sex and relationships is getting closer. But they are exhibits. No one is there to put a commercially available and reasonably priced product. Harmony is the first time.

    You look at the eyes of others. This is the full meaning of human interaction. Sex is important, but not the most important thing. I am basically a Robin Hood because I gave the poor," Dr. told me that he had an exclusive tour of his latest work. "Men need to make love, I just give them."

    Engineers who marry their own sex robots are now designing models for other lonely men. He said he chose a Scottish accent because "this is the one who sounds the least robot." His friend claimed that he built the robot because he could not find a human girlfriend.

    A £15,000 real sex doll robot has been programmed to speak in a "gentle" Scottish accent, including "Welcome Home, Dear." Dr. Santos said he had a sexual relationship with his creative doll and claimed that it would help his marriage.

    He added: "I have invested 20 years and millions of dollars here. I can assure you that gender is not the main reason people buy silicone sex doll. This is about companionship."

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