The NFL draft is full of more failure

  •  Cleveland’s Dog Pound on a given Sunday. There have been plenty of hits of course Ben Powers Jersey , but you’d be surprised at how many huge busts were taken in the first round alone. It’s not just obvious busts like JaMarcus Russell either, we’re talking guys like Rashaun Woods and Jim Druckenmiller here.The NFL drafting process is so inconsistent that there’s been a terrible player taken in all 32 spots. We’re going to be sharing with you the worst pick at every one of those slots, but there’s one important thing to know. Despite what I said earlier about the surprising number of busts, there’s another surprise; how many spots haven’t had a truly awful player taken in them.That’s not a contradiction, there’s been a bad player taken everywhere, but it’s the numbers that makes quantifying this list so hard. Some places you have a dearth of options like the top five , but when you get to the late 20s and 30s, your options for a true big time bust become limited. So keep in mind not everyone on this list is going to be Ryan Leaf, but you can bet they’re all solid busts. Jalen Ramsey may have opened the possibilities of him getting traded this offseason. The Jaguars’ defense helped lead them to the AFC Championship Game last season but has been very inconsistent this season.On his Twitter page, Ramsey recently tweeted, “When I’m gone from here, y’all gone miss me. I ain’t even trippin lol.”Since Ramsey was drafted in 2016 Trace McSorley Jersey , he’s been arguably one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. From the way it looks, the Jaguars may not have much longer with that cornerback. A report from ESPN's Adam Schefter surfaced this season, saying the Jags were considering trading their star cornerback. While the team refuted the report, that's typical, as no team wants to make their intentions known if they plan to trade a player.Besides Ramsey, this team has plenty of talent all throughout the roster. While Ramsey obviously is one of the league's best corners Ed Oliver Jersey , he also is often in headlines for the wrong reasons. He's definitely the most outspoken player in the league and many have questioned his locker-room reputation. His value could be as high as a first round pick, which would be meaningful, especially with needing a quarterback. It also helps if they have two first rounders next draft, considering it’s a defensive heavy draft.If you’re a Jaguars fan, it’s disappointing news to hear that Ramsey may be on the market. However, chemistry on a team is also important and if Ramsey's causing some issues in that area , perhaps the Jags can afford to lose him, if they can upgrade in other areas. If the Jags move on from him while his value is high, they could replace him and find a quarterback all in one draft.