Portable Crusher Plant Suppliers

  • Portable crusher plant is a new type of crushing equipment, which adopts new production technology, injects traditional equipment into innovative technology and develops this new equipment. Portable crusher plant is easy to move, not affected by the work site. It is widely used in water conservancy, construction, highway, railway and other mobile industries. It is more affordable, better quality, and is deeply loved by users.

    What are the advantages of 80-150t/h portable crushing plant?

    1. Strong mobility. For this new type of crushing equipment, flexible movement is a prominent feature. The production and operation environment in many industries is sometimes bad, and the site needs to be changed and moved. The portable crusher carries on-board portable technology, which can enter the production site freely, walk on the mountain road without pressure, and save the time and cost of material transportation back and forth.

    2. Strong ability of multiple combinations. Portable crusher plant is a combination of equipment with many functions such as crushing, screening, feeding and conveying. A portable rock breaker can realize the function of a production line, and can combine various types of equipment according to the needs of users. One machine is multi-purpose and has strong production capacity.

    3. High automation of remote operation. The PLC remote control system is equipped, which can centralize the detection of the operation status of the equipment, timely adjust the production instructions according to the situation of the site, save on-site production personnel by remote operation, with high safety factor and stable and orderly completion of production.