Grand Company Seals for their rewards

  • New Rewards for Main Scenario Quests - For players while using Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn DLC, these main scenario quests will add the 300 Grand Company Seals for their rewards:
    Woods Will Be Done
    Till Sea Swallows All
    For Coin and Country
    Housing Updates and Additions
    Furnishings for Final Fantasy XIV Gil Furnishing Design Contest are already added.
    New Furnishings happen to be added
    Limit for interactive furnishings that could be displayed continues to be removed - As of Patch 4.5, these items will likely be displayed however many are placed.
    Furnishing positioning precision improved - prevents items from moving beyond place when re-entering an estate.
    Lalafell and Roegadyn mannequins added
    New Estate Tags added
    New Orchestrion rolls added
    Return and Teleport available nowadays inside an Inn room - This change also will apply to Buy FFXIV Gil Eternity Rings and Aetheryte Pendulums.
    New Aquarium fishes and tank trimmings added.
    New Seed Flower Pots added - Lily with the Valley Pips is usually purchased from your following NPCs
    Mist (X:11.0 Y:11.4) – Material Supplier
    The Lavender Beds (X:11.9 Y:8.3) – Material Supplier
    The Goblet (X:10.9 Y:8.9) – Material Supplier
    Shirogane (X:10.5 Y:12.1) - Material Supplier
    Apartments - Apartment Merchant
    New Gridania (X:11.0 Y:11.2) - Tanie